Silly Rituals People do While Playing Slots

Almost all gamblers are superstitious in some way or another. They do little things that they believe will help them win, when in reality it does nothing but get some strange stares form others.

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Some of the weirdest and most outlandish rituals I’ve ever seen are by slots players. They are by far the craziest and most superstitious gamblers to walk the face of the earth. Maybe Bingo players, but for this article were going to go with slots players.


There are some funny stories about athletes who wear the same socks, same underwear or shoes when they win or they feel there lucky. Slots players are the same way a lot of times. They won’t necessarily wear the same underwear for 4 days straight, but they do have “lucky” clothing that you will see them in.

They feel if they don’t wear it, they will always lose. This is little more than a way to make the mind feel at ease while you lose or a reason why you win.


You see a lot of little trinkets and accessories either worn or carried around by superstitious slots players. Call them Lucky Charms if you will, but they are simply an item like a rabbit’s foot that they feel is lucky for them.

Some of the funnier ones are the troll dolls. Walk into a casino and bet me that you won’t see a troll doll and I’ll take that bet all day long. Its fun to see them lined up on the slot as if they are guarding it and working their powers on the reels. It really is quite amusing.


I classify these rituals as Obsessive Compulsive as they can likely be defined by any doctor as being just that. A slots player will tell its good luck, but when you boil it down, its outright compulsive behavior.

Touching the machine a certain way, putting the money exactly the way that feels right and so on. These are all little nuances that a slots player must go through to win at slots. I don’t have the heart to tell them it never does and has no effect on the machine. But as an actual OCD sufferer I just understand how it has to be sometimes.

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